Dr. Hristo Markov

Dental Implantologist

Operates and develops in the field of oral implant surgery and comprehensive rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus.

Graduated in Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia.

Member of the Bulgarian Dental Association – BGDA

Completed a number of specialized courses for postgraduate training in prosthetics and implants, surgical and aesthetic dentistry.

» Traning cource on C-tech implant system – Sofia, Bulgaria 2011

» Complex esthetic restoration with porcelan laminate veneers – Sofia, Bulgaria 2011

» Aesthetic regeneration versus functional rehabilitation-is this a contradiction? – Munich, Germany 2012

» International Training Center for Dental implantology – IFZI Sofia, Bulgaria 2012

» Colloquium dental – Brescia, Italy 2013

» The use of composite in complex functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of tooth wear – Sofia, Bulgaria 2014

» Shoulderless preparation technique the B.O.P.T. approach – Sofia, Bulgaria 2014

» International master of oral implantology – Frankfurt, Germany 2014

» Fluent in English.