Dr. Gratsiela Ianeva

Surgery & Periodontology

Works and develops in the field of periodontology.

Graduated in Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia.

Completed a number of specialized courses:

» Isolation with rubber dam – Dr. Jan Berghmans, Belgium 2012

» Full thickness connective tissue graft on pig jaws – Dr. Oliver Beaurenault and Dr. Мichel Bravard – France 2013

» Seminar in Clinical Periodontology theoretical and practical part – Hellenic society of periodontology 2014

» Esthetic periodontology, surgical crown lenghteninig – Dr. Presiyan Krastew – Bulgaria 2014

» Аnalysis and preparation for laminate veneers – Dr. Giancarlo Pongione, Roberto Della Neve – Italy 2014

» Fluent in English, Russian and German