DSDent team

Dr. Lachezar Chukanov

Therapy and Prosthetics

Works and develops in the field of dental prosthetic therapy.

Graduated at the Medical University of Sofia, majoring in Dentistry.

Completed a number of specialized courses:

» Lecture course in bio emulators taste of the future – Stephane Browet, Sofia, Bulgaria.

» Workshop – Master Class on IV class composite restorations – Dr. Infan Ahmad, Sofia, Bulgaria.

» Sofia Dental Meeting – Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013.

» Theoretical course in occlusion for aesthetics and function – Dr. Ian Buckle, Sofia/ Bulgaria.

» Intensive practical course for ceramic restorations and veneers – prof. Kisiov, Sofia/Bulgaria, 2009

» Lectures – Central relation – Neli Nikolova, Sofia, Bulgaria.

» Practical course in Periodontology – Andre Saadoun, Sofia, Bulgaria.

» Fluent in English