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-р Цветелина Димитрова - ендодонтия и естетична стоматология

Dr. Tsvetelina Dimitrova

Endodontic and Aesthetic dentistry

Operates and develops in the field of endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

Graduated at the Medical University of Sofia, majoring in Dentistry.

Completed a number of specialized courses:

» Conservative Esthetics for an Immediate Smile Makeover – Prof. Ronald goldstein – USA 2010

» Dental Color Matcher – Dr. Rade Paravina, 2012

» Natural Born Fillers: Bio-emulation-Taste of the Futurte – Dr. Stephane Browet – Belgium 2012

» Isolation with rubber dam – Dr. Jan Berghmans, Belgium 2012

» Endo-express: Safety and results in endodontics – Dr. Patrick Sultan, 2013

» Protocol for Fixation of Porcelain Laminate Veneers – Dr. George Iliev, Bulgaria 2013.

» Management of iatrogenie events diagnosis and management of root resorption searching for hidden canals – Dr. Marga Ree, Netherlands 2014

» Flexybility security, saveing time: Protaper Next – Dr. Damiano Pasqualini – Italy 2014

» Endo innovations the route to successful endodontics: New systems for your daily practice – Dr. Antonis Chaniotis – Greece 2014

» Fluent in English.